Friday, January 31, 2014

Pink Pearl Girls Lashes, & Bh Cosmetics 88 Neutral Palette.

Bh Cosmetics 88 Neutral palette has been my go-to for the past couple of weeks! I love this palette, perfect for beginners- like myself. As a lot of palettes, there were some "chalky" colors, and some AMAZING pigmentation in the others. I felt that some of the colors were just being repeated. There were two colors of the same white shade, and some of the light, caramel colors. 
When I wear eyeshadow, I do use eyeshadow primer. I use the Jordana primer I feel that it keeps the eyeshadow on all day and doesn't crease the shadows like my Milani eyeshadow primer did. 
I would definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone that would listen! (lol)

Pink Pearl Girls. (Pink Pearl Boutique) lashes: Some of the most amazing lashes I've ever tried.  
I haven't tried using the individual lashes yet, because honestly and truly I have no idea how to use them, or apply them and all of that jazz.
I was sent this products by the lovely Chereca, she has been such a sweetheart..
If you want to see everything that Chereca sales, please check out her instagram, its pinkpearlgirls . She sales bh cosmetics, jewelry, lashes, and wigs! Or go to her website: ! 

Tips: If you do not know how to apply false eye lashes, I learned from watching youtube videos. I always different videos over the same thing, and then tried it on myself. Youtube is your bestfriend when you want it to be. 


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