Friday, February 28, 2014

Maybelline color show polka dots .vs. Motives Cosmetics nail lacquer

Yes you read that right. .VS. Which one do you think won my heart over?! (keep reading to find out!!)

-The Maybelline Color show, is such an inexpensive nail polish that I absolutely LOVE. The Polka dot nail polish that I bought is called clearly spotted. I've never really liked "Glitter" or "spot" nails, but I decided to try it. I believe I paid about $3 for it at either Walgreen's or Walmart. I started applying it to my nails and from the start, I did NOT like it. The consistency in this nail polish SUCKS! It's really thick, sticky, and does NOT dry fast...... I think it took me about 5 or more minutes for it to actually dry. But by the time it was dry, I noticed that all the nail polish was bunching up on the tips of my nails. Out of all the Maybelline Color Show's that i've tried, this is BY FAR, the WORST one.

-Motives Cosmetics Nail Lacquer in Prom Queen. This nail lacquer was sent to me in my kit for Motives. I fell in love with the color as soon as I ripped open the UPS box. My mom was the first to test it out, and she DOES NOT wear nail polish, or makeup for that matter. She fell in love with it!! She did a very light coat of it on her thumb nail, I swear two weeks later the nail polish was still on her thumb! Not even chipping or anything.
The consistency is so amazing, it's not thick, or sticky its absolutely amazing!! The nail lacquer is only $6.95. When I wore this nail lacquer, I was so in love, it wasn't coming off in just a couple of days, I didn't see any bunching at the tips of my nails.

Can you guess which nail polish won?  MOTIVES !!!! As I was saying, the nail lacquer is only $6.95, if you're interested in buying Prom Queen, or anyother nail laqcuers, go to and if you buy, please put  into who referred you at checkout. :)

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Friday, January 31, 2014

Pink Pearl Girls Lashes, & Bh Cosmetics 88 Neutral Palette.

Bh Cosmetics 88 Neutral palette has been my go-to for the past couple of weeks! I love this palette, perfect for beginners- like myself. As a lot of palettes, there were some "chalky" colors, and some AMAZING pigmentation in the others. I felt that some of the colors were just being repeated. There were two colors of the same white shade, and some of the light, caramel colors. 
When I wear eyeshadow, I do use eyeshadow primer. I use the Jordana primer I feel that it keeps the eyeshadow on all day and doesn't crease the shadows like my Milani eyeshadow primer did. 
I would definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone that would listen! (lol)

Pink Pearl Girls. (Pink Pearl Boutique) lashes: Some of the most amazing lashes I've ever tried.  
I haven't tried using the individual lashes yet, because honestly and truly I have no idea how to use them, or apply them and all of that jazz.
I was sent this products by the lovely Chereca, she has been such a sweetheart..
If you want to see everything that Chereca sales, please check out her instagram, its pinkpearlgirls . She sales bh cosmetics, jewelry, lashes, and wigs! Or go to her website: ! 

Tips: If you do not know how to apply false eye lashes, I learned from watching youtube videos. I always different videos over the same thing, and then tried it on myself. Youtube is your bestfriend when you want it to be. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

JustBe Cosmetics

Lets start off by saying HOLY GRAIL MINERAL EYESHADOWS. <3

The lovely Marta Reyes sent me samples, and two versatile mineral eyeshadows to review. Sadly it's taken me this long to actually write this blog! The colors I was sent are: Lemon mist, which is yellow. Rendezvous which is hunter dark green. The two samples I got is Midnight Fantasy, which is such a pretty, dark purple. The other sample is called Malibu Sunkiss, which is a a creamy brown color, perfect for simple nude looks!
I am completely in love with these minerals, I've never been a fan of them... I think that's because I never really knew how to work with them, or anything! Now that I've been teaching myself, and learning how to work with minerals and loose powders and all of that jazz, it's easier to wear them. This minerals are so pigmented and rich, honestly the best minerals I've tried in my whole eighteen years.

This minerals are ONLY, yes ONLY $8. All of her products are completely 100% vegan, gluten free, and paraben free. You can wear these minerals either wet, or dry. I've yet to try to create a look with them wet.
I think the most neat thing is they're multi-usable. Multiple uses in other words.... You can use them as an eyeliner, fill in your brows, lip-stains and a nail polish! If you go to her site all of the minerals with the symbol ** on it, would be LIP-STAINS.
All of the minerals can be made into nail polish, just put some clear nail polish on wax paper, or foil and add the mineral or your color into the clear polish and mix them together and bam you have nail polish..

Here are the links to Marta's sites:
Her instagram is Just Be Cosmetics

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Please go check out Marta's etsy shop and TRY her products I promise you will not be disappointed.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Motives Cosmetics Pressed Eyeshadows

Motives Cosmetics- probably my only "high end" makeup.  I am completely content with the makeup, and my makeup collection. I reached out to someone who sold Motives Cosmetics through Instagram and she reached out to her representative. I started talking to her representative Kathy, and was telling her that I am interested in the cosmetics, and working with Motives. Sadly, i'm not 18..... yet. She was telling me about the teen program, where they sell Motives and receive commission. I made my website, and am now apart of the Motives Cosmetics family, but each Teen in the Teen Program (under 18); gets sent a kit. The kit includes 1 Motives Kohl eyeliner, 1 cream eyeshadow, 2 pressed eye-shadows, 1 pressed blush, and 2 nail lacquers.  (Prices will be located at the end of blog.)
I was very excited to be apart of the Motives crew, and immediately started posting my info on all my social media sites! Although I have no made a sale, I'm still very content with the makeup I was sent.

The purple eyeshadow is in Fantasy, and the Gold shimmery eyeshadow is in Bling. These eye-shadows are amazing! Although I have been in the process of moving, I've yet to create a look with it.... But will VERY soon.
The pigmentation in these eye-shadows are amazing! I couldn't even complain about the shadow themselves. The only thing I would complain about would be, the pan moves in the packaging. Just wish the magnet would be more effective. Other than the pan moving, I have no other complaints! 

 The pictures truly do not do justice of the pigmentation of these eye-shadows. 
(Sorry about bad quality pictures, my auto focus in my camera is broken.)
Prices for products.
Kohl Eyeliner-$14.75
Pressed Blush-$14.00
Pressed Eyeshadow-$12.50
Cream Eyeshadow-$15.75
Nail Lacquer-$6.95

If you want to shop motives cosmetics, you can go to and if you purchase put into who referred you at checkout. These products are defiantly worth the hype, and worth the money! 
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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

NYX Lip Butters

To start off, I wanted to state that I am NOT a lip-gloss kind of girl, I never really have been. A lot of the lip-glosses I've tried was too sticky on my lips, or too thick. I always seen a lot of beauty gurus, and beauty people of you-tube and instagram post pictures of them! I was very skeptical at first, but I honestly had to try them for myself!
I was searching on amazon for makeup, I absolutely love getting makeup from there, even drug store products are really cheap! Anywho, i'm rambling. I was searching for makeup, then typed in "NYX lip butter set", which comes with three of them- the first set I seen was "enchanted kiss butter lip gloss set" it comes with Merengue, creme brulee, and apple strudel. The set was only $13.23, but if you go down to New & Used, I got mine for $9.00 + free shipping ***Note that it was BRAND new, I don't buy used products.  I was very satisfied that the package wasn't damaged or broken. I opened them up and swatched them on my hand! I didn't think that they were too thick, or too sticky at all. Especially with me not being into lip-gloss like most girls I was completely content with the texture, and the creamyness of them!
I think the first one I wore was the Creme brulee, which smells amazing, they all had a wonderful smell! Overall i'm a very happy customer, and will probably be getting the rest of the lip butters to add to my collection! I highly recommend the Lip butters, although everyone has their own opinion about how they like them, and why they don't. I really don't have nothing bad to say about them at all.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

BhCosmetics Day and Night Palette

Although I just started this blog, I didn't want to start it off by totally downgrading a product I've tried! It took me days to finally figure out what my first review was going to be on. I probably thought about it way too much! Signing on, I finally thought of the day and night palette from bhcosmetics! It is the only bhcosmetics product that I own... for now! You can get the palette at
My very first impression of the packaging was it was very pretty and vibrant! I had to open it immediately! Not only to look at the colors and to play with it, but to see if anything was broken!  Gladly nothing was broken and I was able to play with my wonderful new palette right away. I got to swatching some of the colors, and they were amazingly pigmented. There were only a couple of them that were not as pigmented, more of a chalky texture.
I always use an eyeshadow primer before applying eyeshadow, but they were still a little chalky! I'm not disappointed with the whole palette just those certain colors! Overall I give this palette a 9 out of 10! Very happy customer and will be buying more! I highly recommend this palette, especially for beginners and/or makeup lovers like myself!  

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

      Hello, I'm a new beauty blogger! My name is Alyssa! I had a love for makeup, but didn't really get into it until recently. As my makeup collection started growing, I thought i'd actually learn to do makeup. I am self taught, I'm not a MUA... yet.. I am still a senior in high school, but then will attending beauty school. I want to share my opinions about the makeup I've tried (mostly drugstore); which I don't mind! I'm not very picky about my makeup at all.

   I hope that you will like my blog posts, again I will be stating my honest opinions about the make up I've tried! Hope you will subscribe to my blog channel, if you like what you see, follow me on instgram at lyssamarieporras and follow me on twitter at LyssaMPorras ! Thank you.