Sunday, January 12, 2014

JustBe Cosmetics

Lets start off by saying HOLY GRAIL MINERAL EYESHADOWS. <3

The lovely Marta Reyes sent me samples, and two versatile mineral eyeshadows to review. Sadly it's taken me this long to actually write this blog! The colors I was sent are: Lemon mist, which is yellow. Rendezvous which is hunter dark green. The two samples I got is Midnight Fantasy, which is such a pretty, dark purple. The other sample is called Malibu Sunkiss, which is a a creamy brown color, perfect for simple nude looks!
I am completely in love with these minerals, I've never been a fan of them... I think that's because I never really knew how to work with them, or anything! Now that I've been teaching myself, and learning how to work with minerals and loose powders and all of that jazz, it's easier to wear them. This minerals are so pigmented and rich, honestly the best minerals I've tried in my whole eighteen years.

This minerals are ONLY, yes ONLY $8. All of her products are completely 100% vegan, gluten free, and paraben free. You can wear these minerals either wet, or dry. I've yet to try to create a look with them wet.
I think the most neat thing is they're multi-usable. Multiple uses in other words.... You can use them as an eyeliner, fill in your brows, lip-stains and a nail polish! If you go to her site all of the minerals with the symbol ** on it, would be LIP-STAINS.
All of the minerals can be made into nail polish, just put some clear nail polish on wax paper, or foil and add the mineral or your color into the clear polish and mix them together and bam you have nail polish..

Here are the links to Marta's sites:
Her instagram is Just Be Cosmetics

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Please go check out Marta's etsy shop and TRY her products I promise you will not be disappointed.

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