Friday, February 28, 2014

Maybelline color show polka dots .vs. Motives Cosmetics nail lacquer

Yes you read that right. .VS. Which one do you think won my heart over?! (keep reading to find out!!)

-The Maybelline Color show, is such an inexpensive nail polish that I absolutely LOVE. The Polka dot nail polish that I bought is called clearly spotted. I've never really liked "Glitter" or "spot" nails, but I decided to try it. I believe I paid about $3 for it at either Walgreen's or Walmart. I started applying it to my nails and from the start, I did NOT like it. The consistency in this nail polish SUCKS! It's really thick, sticky, and does NOT dry fast...... I think it took me about 5 or more minutes for it to actually dry. But by the time it was dry, I noticed that all the nail polish was bunching up on the tips of my nails. Out of all the Maybelline Color Show's that i've tried, this is BY FAR, the WORST one.

-Motives Cosmetics Nail Lacquer in Prom Queen. This nail lacquer was sent to me in my kit for Motives. I fell in love with the color as soon as I ripped open the UPS box. My mom was the first to test it out, and she DOES NOT wear nail polish, or makeup for that matter. She fell in love with it!! She did a very light coat of it on her thumb nail, I swear two weeks later the nail polish was still on her thumb! Not even chipping or anything.
The consistency is so amazing, it's not thick, or sticky its absolutely amazing!! The nail lacquer is only $6.95. When I wore this nail lacquer, I was so in love, it wasn't coming off in just a couple of days, I didn't see any bunching at the tips of my nails.

Can you guess which nail polish won?  MOTIVES !!!! As I was saying, the nail lacquer is only $6.95, if you're interested in buying Prom Queen, or anyother nail laqcuers, go to and if you buy, please put  into who referred you at checkout. :)

I hope you like what you're reading!
Feel free to comment, with any questions, concerns. :)

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